Memory Quilts

Memory Quilts preserve those special memories that can be made functional and visually pleasing.  Any thing fabric can be made into a quilt of memories.

memory quilts can be from sports, church, school or any combination of activities

You send us tshirts
and material you would like for edge and back of quilt. We will supply interfacing and quilt batting. You can be part of the quilt making process and do any part yourself or we can do it all for you.

 Queen -King Throw

Stadium Blanket


                      Queen-Full Throw     

Repurpose your favorite t-shirts into a quilt of memories

Full-Queen Throw
 (min. 20 shirts)

Approx size 65"X 80"

TopOnly $200.00

Edge and Back $130.00
Tie $30.00

Total $360.00

 Queen-King Throw
(min. 24 shirts)
Approx size 72" X 80"

Top Only $230.00
Edge and Back $140.00
Tie $30.00

Total $400.00

Twin Throw

(min15 shirts)
Approx size 44"X60"

Top Only $155.00
Edge and Back $75.00
Tie $25.00

Total $255.00


Stadium Blanket 
(min 12 shirts)

A little lighter than the quilt sizes but just the right warmth for any sporting event.

Top Only $100.00
Edge and Back $75.00
Tie $10.00

Total $185.00



Allow 3 weeks for delivery after receipt of T-shirts

Orders for Christmas delivery are not taken after Thanksgiving

To order, contact us at:

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