My Mission

The mission of ivy originals is to create custom designed, functional products in creative ways to support a green environment.

 Ivy Shelton

Ivy Shelton

ivy originals roots go back to the time of the first Earth Day celebration, founded in-part by Senator Gaylord Nelson from my home state of Wisconsin.  I came from an environmentally conscious family before it was en vogue to go green.  My father was a soil conservationist who worked tirelessly with farmers to prevent devastating erosion to their land.  My mother has been an environmental activist especially in the conservation of cranes.  At the time ivy originals  was created my boyfriend (now husband) was working on a farm and gave me kidney bean sacks which became one of my first repurposed designs as a skirt.

ivy originals has evolved through careers as a school bus driver, youth soccer registrar, speech-language pathologist, wife and mother.  The 2000’s saw the creation of designer eco-bags and in recent years more  custom designed wearable pieces.

Did you know, the U.S. generates an estimated 25 billion pounds of textile wast a year from clothing, bedding, draperies and other sources, amounting to about 82 pounds per U.S. resident.  Only 15% gets donated or recycled.  The remaining 85%-70 pounds per person- goes into our landfills,

Become a textile recycler with ivy originals. Take a look at the various types of custom designs listed under that menu item and start your creation.


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